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On Life, Love and Beyond

This section is devoted to some of my random thoughts about life, love and the beyond. It is not meant to upset anyone, but provide an insight into my thinking. Time definitely goes faster the older you get, and we start wondering where all the time has gone. First is my constant thinking on the purpose of life. Nothing claimed original here, but worth covering anyway.

Life. Constantly wonder why we exist, think life is a great gift and should be cherished. I have been through a lot and yet never been depressed. Sad, yes... but never depressed. Einstein once said when asked about life, "I've had a wonderful life and one life is enough for me." Not sure what eternity is - can't seem to find something I would like to do forever. Seems like change is what makes life interesting, so not much into this heaven thing. The beauty of life could not have been just a random event and there must have been some intelligence behind the design. Yet, I believe life is prevelant in the Universe and very diverse so it is hard for me to accept our creator in human terms.  The more I learn, the more thinking I do about what it is all about. The movie Cosmos had the quote from Jody Foster, " If we are the only living things in the universe, seems like a big waste of space." I agree. Must be something beyond, yet we cannot comprehend it. Yet all of the universe is made out of three things (electrons, protons and neutrons) in some 100 combinations (elements). The beauty in this simplicity could not have happened by chance.

Love - this is going to be short because I think I have more answers about the universe than love. Love is completeness - a feeling that without someone else you are incomplete. I think that is where emptiness comes from. Other than the other cliches about soul-mates and giving, I think completeness says it all. If two complement each other and make more out of each other than the two people alone, that is love. If I had these answers, I would not have been married 3 times. Still I believe there is someone out there who I need to complete myself again. One of my characteristics is that I always have hope. I see a new dawn after each dark moment in my life and constantly strive to be in the light. I know I can make some woman the happiest person on earth, and she will do the same for me.

Children - The only thing we love that we must give away. It is our nature to hold on to things we cherish and protect them from all others. With our children we must someday give them up to another as part of life. May no child die before their parents. We all live on in the genes of our children and see ourself given a new chance in life. We will be part of our children forever, as we are part of our parents.

I must put something in here on givers and takers. There are many more takers - people who look at everything from their viewpoint and what is in it for them, than givers. Givers are hurt more often and taken advantage of. People use the word me way too often, and that is usually the sign of a taker.

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