Patrick Fargo's Website

Random thoughts and visions of one man......

Perhaps it is my tendency to right brain thinking, but I have always tried to capture moments in time either through painting or poetry. Humans are the only animal known to store information outside of their brains and  I don't sit down to dream up a poem. Instead, the need to express just sort of happens. My inspiration is mostly random and based on experience and the people and events around me. I hope you enjoy a sampling of some of my works.

I Am - Sometimes the concept of eternity and life gets confusing and perhaps our existance is defined by the events that occur.

Passion - I do not think this poem requires any commentary.

To My Daughter at Four - Written after a small bird was injured, and we held it until it was able to fly. My daughter released the bird and I realized that children are the only thing we love that we must let go someday.

The Smell of Green - What can I say, time is no longer a friend of mine. Once you past 40 it seems everything runs faster. (It was actually proven)

Surrender - I think everyone can sympathize with this poem. At times we just feel like everything we have done is in vain.

Salvation - My more abstract concept of God and the afterlife.
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