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Soul Mate

Once again alone in my life, I have the dubious honor to browse some of the more popular "internet dating" sites. It appears every woman is looking for a secure, honest and funny man with no games. These sites demonstrate the real difference from words to action or ideas to reality. Everyone wants to be funny, fun to be with, a gentleman, etc. Like I have always said, "Many are called, but few are chosen." Below are some of the things I have done in my life-

Nothing but the truth:
I met my first wife, Mary Ann under a pool table in a fraternity house.
I have sat on the bow of a ship at 4:00 a.m. starring at the clouds drift by
I sat in Wyland's Maui Art Gallery, drinking a beer with him
I took Walter Payton to dinner in Hawaii
I met a very nice woman from Finland in the ladies room
I have driven over 155 miles per hour in my car
I have more than once howled at a full moon (with clothes on)
I have given my wife a new Corvette convertible when she wasn't expecting it
I have held Halloween parties for up to 150 people each year
I have bought my wife a toilet seat for Christmas - a gift that keeps on giving
I have also bought the same wife a helmet and plastic assault rifle to go with some camouflage clothes she bought
I was Wisconsin Accordion Champion - can't tell the year
I used to make ashtrays from beer cans when I was in the fraternity
I played the Godfather at an Italian Restaurant and had everyone on the floor laughing
I have watched submarine races with many women in Milwaukee
I once sneaked onto the Detroit Lions bench during a Packer game in Milwaukee
I used to go to Wedding Receptions with my frat brothers every Saturday night without knowing the bride or the groom

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