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The Smell of Green

The Smell Of Green

There was a time, everything smelled so green.

When the leaves never changed.

When minutes were measured in years.

A time of laughter, a time of innocence.


Once the path seemed endless,

With many crossroads, intertwined,

And my eyes focused forward, anticipation unbound.

Running eagerly, time ran so slow.


Although I knew the path must end,

Now it was part of my reality.

As I turned to view the paths once traveled,

I remembered each step and crossroad taken.


The days are now much shorter,

And the leaves have begun to change.

The sun once rising in the sky,

Starts its final sunset trip.


Yet I still remember the sweet smell of green,

While running along sunlit paths.

And take the time to touch the leaves,

And cherish each moment as it passes

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