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To My Daughter at Four

To My Daughter, At Four

      Together, we will gaze up at the night sky,

      While the faint glimmer of starlight reflects in your eyes.

      And you will know of creation and the wonders of the universe.


      Together, we will walk in the green meadow,

      While you laugh from the tickle of the grass beneath your bare feet.

      And you will know of beauty and the smell of nature's breath.


     Together, we will seek the butterfly,

     While you smile with amazement as it rests in your small hand.

     And you will know how fragile life is, and the warmth of love.


     And when it time for me to leave you.

     You will not cry.


      For you will always walk with a twinkle in your eye,
And the feel of grass beneath your feet.
A child with Nature's smile, surrounded by beauty,
Gently holding life dearly next to your warm heart.
And you will know, I am always with you.

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